Wahl Peanut Clipper / Trimmer - Review

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Published: 21st January 2011
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When it comes to clippers and trimmers, there is nothing more important to a salon professional than size, power, and versatility. The Wahl Peanut Clipper / Trimmer has the best combination of these three features.

That is why it is a favorite among professionals and stylists worldwide. Since its beginning in 1911, Wahl Clipper Corporation has consistently contributed groundbreaking products to the hair cutting world. Its first product, the electromagnetic clipper, made the company famous and was followed by innovative tools such as the vacuum clipper, the first rotary motor clipper, and the first battery operated clipper. Wahl is responsible for bringing several novel hair cutting ideas to market and is still sold in over 165 countries.

With an obvious strength in motorized hair clipper designs, Wahl offers a multitude of clippers and trimmers for the professional market and for home grooming. Their products are made to withstand the demands of the professional, yet to be easy enough to use at home. The Wahl Peanut Clipper/Trimmer offers all the power and performance of a full size clipper in a convenient four ounce size. The clipper/trimmer combo is only four inches long, so it is great for use in small or hard to reach areas, and also great for travel or for small storage spaces. The durable blades are detachable and snap on and off for easy cleaning. With a reversible finger ring, the user is able to get better control and precision regardless of hand position. The Wahl Peanut Clipper/Trimmer comes with four cutting guides in lengths of 1/8, , 3/8 and inches long. All of this is packaged in a cute and clever peanut-shaped design.

Professional stylists recommend this powerful little clipper to their clients because it is simple yet effective.

Wahl is the absolute expert on hair clippers. Not only did they develop one of the first clippers, but they brought several more inventive hair cutting products to the marketplace before any of their competitors. With almost 100 years of study innovation, it is certain that Wahl Clipper Corporation dedicates itself to the research and testing necessary to ensure that their clippers and trimmers are second to none.

Purchase your own Wahl Peanut.

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