Rusk Hair Shears & Scissors - Review

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Published: 23rd December 2010
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The perfect haircut is not just about a talented and experienced hairstylist. The proper cutting tools are essential to ensuring a flawless style.

Just as professional stylists depend on Rusk for their incredible products and treatments, they also rely on the spectacular array of cutting shears that Rusk has to offer.

Rusk shears feature a 360 rotating thumb. The swiveling ability of the thumb component allows stylists to have ultimate control with less effort as they are able to maintain a straight wrist and relaxed elbow when cutting. This increases comfort and reduces stress on the hand and strain on the thumb. Aside from the noted ergonomic benefits, each of the three different Rusk shears has unique features that stylists love.

* The Delta Blade Rotating Thumb Shear: Is best for cutting length as it provides a sharper cutting angle so cuts are always clean and smooth. The shears can be used on wet or dry hair anywhere on the hair from root to end. These shears come in 5 inch and 5.5 inch lengths and feature cryogenically tempured razor-sharp steel blades.

* The Alpha Blade Rotating Thumb Shear: Is an 8-tooth shear that makes tiny blunt cuts in the hair, to break up solid lines and texturize without thinning the hair. This can not be done with a razor or with traditional shears.

* The Beta Blade Rotating Thumb Shear: Is a 27-tooth cutting and thinning shear ideal for cutting coarse or curly hair. It reduces bulk while creating dimension and texture. These shears also come in 5 inch and 5.5 inch lengths.

Rusk shears are extremely durable and made from the highest-quality materials. The careful design and construction of Rusk shears is just one more way that Rusk is making a name for themselves amongst hair professionals as a sought-after brand for high-performance cutting tools.

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