How to Create Incredible Volume When Blow Drying Your Hair

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Published: 11th November 2010
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Are you having a hard time creating volume at your roots? I often get asked the question, "how can I get lift at my roots?" The tips I have for you are very simple and will create a beautiful end result.

What You’ll Need:

* Volumizing Product: This is a must because it helps hold the lift at the roots. I recommend using a volume or body building mousse or a root lifting spray gel. When your hair is damp spray or apply product evenly and massage into root area.

* Pick: Add product to your damp hair then use your pick to lift the roots off of your scalp while blow drying. Place the nozzle close to the root area (make sure hair dryer is on medium heat) and lift roots up with either your fingertips or the pick. This creates wonderful volume at the roots.

* Round Brush or Vent Brush: Add product to your damp hair then use a round or vent brush in the same matter as the pick. With the brush you will have to place it on the top of your scalp and make a half a turn with the brush (when making the twist with the brush, the hair at your roots should be lifted ½" to 1 1/2 "off the scalp) Then place the blow dryer nozzle on med heat and keep repeating the placing and twisting all over the top of the scalp until roots are dry. You can even spray with hair spray while drying to ensure a strong hold.

* Flip Your Head Upside Down: This is a good old trick. When hair is damp, apply product and flip your head upside down. You can use your fingers to manipulate the roots while blow drying or use a vent brush. Concentrate on drying the roots first because this is where you get the most volume from!

* Confuse Your Hair: While you are blow drying your hair, brush it in all different directions, this will cause the hair to be confused which in return will create more volume.

When done use a finishing spray to lock in the volume and body. Good Luck!

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